Welcome to Commsbodia

The newest, hottest, island destination, Full Comms were selected by the Commsbodia Tourist Board to create their latest travel campaign. Bodians, although aware of the current travel restrictions, wanted Brits to have Commsbodia at the top of their wishlist when looking to book their next holiday or trip away, so we were tasked with showcasing the very best the island has to offer.

The very best the island has to offer

From crystal clear waters, dramatic coastline walks and white sandy beaches, Commsbodia really is a fantastic place to get away from it all. Utilising footage from the island, including drone shots, we were able to capture the magic that Commsbodia has to offer.

Multi-channel experience

Holiday searches are still predominantly being carried out online, so a strong web presence was key. Showcasing beautiful landscapes and excursions, we wanted travel hunters to get the full Commsbodia experience. Is 1st April the best day to book your next trip? We think so...