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Since 2019 Full Comms have been the chosen agency providing creative and design for Guinness Homes’ small to medium sized developments. After a successful tender process, Full Comms now deliver master branded assets from brochures to hoarding. 

Guinness Homes, part of the wider Guinness Partnership who own and manage over 66,000 homes across England, have a wide range of homes available with Shared Ownership, Help to Buy and on the open market across the UK. 


Master branding

As the chosen creative agency for all small to medium developments, Full Comms ensure consistency across Guinness Homes developments providing artwork services adhering to existing brand guidelines and previous concept artwork. We have completed a wide range of work including brochures, large scale hoarding, wayfinding, marketing suite trap signage, print and digital campaigns where the Guinness Homes brand has been applied across these mediums with clear branding and signposting.


With a strong understanding of the overall brand we can be sure that any signage requirement can be met, taking into consideration variants such as material, size, lighting and space. We work closely with Guinness Homes’ chosen print supplier to achieve the best possible solutions through collaboration when it comes to signage, such as stepping in hoarding and maximising messaging around street furniture.

Above and beyond

Where new requirements go beyond the current brand guidelines, concepts are discussed with the client and expanded to be applied to the new requirement and added to the brand going forward, seamlessly fitting in with existing branding. This takes into consideration the constantly changing digital landscape which requires new specifications and trend-led designs.


Our brochure template allows for consistency across Guinness Homes’ developments, but with an emphasis on CGIs and local area imagery defining each development. With many of our team having worked with Housing Associations as clients for many years, or being in-house at a variety of HAs themselves, we have a strong understanding of the content required for these brochures which are completed in-house and include floor plan and site plan clean up, maps, travel routes, local area description and corporate or tenure-specific information.


We also have completed high quality local area photography shoots across the UK for Guinness Homes, so we have original imagery to improve our brochures, setting us apart from stock-heavy marketing. Qualified and accredited for commercial drone photography, Full Comms are able to offer a variety of shots, ranging from architectural detailing, high altitude views, and sweeping shots of stunning landscapes to help with placemaking in marketing strategies.