People drive technology

People drive technology

In our “Digital Agency World” we aren’t allowed to sit still, well we can but we choose to keep moving forwards. We are expected to drive digital transformation and change for our clients that ensures they stay ahead of the curve.

After a recent round of public speaking and sitting on various panels I found myself talking more and more about the things that disrupted an industry, about changes that made “us all” more efficient. Yet we apparently don’t like change; unless it’s convenient for us.

This prompted a review of our recruitment process at Full Comms; we don’t want to be different but we want potential candidates to feel like we are. We want them to “want” to work for us; and to help drive this change for our clients. So how do we do this? Time is money, so I didn’t fancy re-inventing the wheel. I need a recruitment agency that ticked all my boxes, one that could understand my requirements and objectives and help us succeed.

Enter into the room Venturi, local to our northern power house in Manchester they completely got what we wanted to achieve. We had one meeting and away they went with a plan, a desire to change us and the confidence they would help us succeed.

A few days later we had interviews lined up and a number of possible heroes to our agency. They did not disappoint, each candidate already knew what our mission was, they were driven, ready and hungry to join our agency. We made a decision to go from one to two recruits in that round of growth and this enabled us to provide more to our clients.

Written by Jimmy Acton, Operations Director 

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