Property Booking

The creation, design and build of the UK’s first national online portal for shared ownership sales

Property Booking

FULL Communications is the team behind Property Booking, the United Kingdom’s first national online portal for shared ownership sales. The idea and the creative and technological expertise for the portal was borne out of the agency’s experience in producing previous sales portals for numerous Housing Association clients.

Central to our approach has been to make shared ownership as uncomplicated as possible by creating an easy, seamless, step-by-step journey for the end user. The portal’s design and customer interface was rigorously tested during its development to create a site that’s visually engaging and simple to navigate.

Property Booking Ltd.


The benefits to the client stakeholder are numerous. Property Booking offers an easy-to-use appointments booking system, underpinned by innovative lead qualification tools which work at various levels within the portal.



The back end provides comprehensive analysis and reporting tools, supported by an easy-to-use content management system which truly empowers the stakeholder to take control of their data. In August 2017 Full Communications and Property Booking were awarded the contract to deliver the Mayor of London’s property portal (Homes for Londoners).


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